Dee-lish Desserts & Catering by She & She

I wanted to introduce myself. I am the founder of CG Clip N’ Go and started my company because I feel in my heart of hearts there is a genuine need for products and accessories that make life easier for busy people on the go. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Houston, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York or beyond, I know you are busy!

Just the other day, I was walking into a well-known Italian restaurant and an employee dropped her phone and it almost cracked the screen. I immediately whipped out the photos of my product and she was amazed and said, “I need that product, NOW” Or, the story of my hair stylist who is trying to hold her phone in her shirt to style her client’s hair. This is absolutely a No. No.

Like many of you I wear numerous hats. I am a mom, lawyer and business person and definitely a multi-tasker. I was always losing my phone or sunglasses in the bottom of my purse or breaking my sunglasses because they were at the bottom of my purse, or better someone else breaking my sunglasses because they were on the seat or floor of my car and got smashed in translation.

Dee-lish Desserts & Catering by She & She
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