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Dee-Lish Desserts & Catering

by She & She

Houston, TX 77064

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A delight for your taste buds...

Chocolate covered strawberries, cookies, cheesecake tarts and much more: Click below to find out more about who we are and what we do...


About Us

                     CATERING MENU

*Pricing is for luncheons and meetings. Please call for qotes for other events.*

$25.00 delivery charge (25 miles radius)


Appetizers/ Hors d'oeuvres:

$9.95 ½ Pan ……. $21.95 Full Pan                 

Spinach Dip with Tortilla Chips or Pita Chips

Queso (Plain or with ground beef or turkey)                

Crab and Cheese Dip with Tortilla or Pita Chips

Chicken Enchilada Dip with Tortilla or Pita Chips

Salsa and Tortilla Chips



(Served with chips and pickle spears & dessert)

$10.50 per person (minimum of 10 people)

Assorted Cold Sandwiches (up to 3 choices)

Chicken Fingers


Pinwheel Wraps

Fruit/Veggie Tray

Cheese and Vegetable Platter


Boxed Lunches

(Served with chips, pickle spears & dessert)

$8.95 per person (minimum of 10 people)



Roast beef                     


Tuna salad             

Chicken salad

Served on round sandwich white/wheat rolls, white/wheat wraps, or croissants with condiments on the side.



16.95 per person (minimum of 10 People)

Includes 2 sides & dinner roll

Fettuccine Alfredo (Chicken or shrimp)



Baked Chicken


Salad Options

$9.95 ½ Pan ……. $21.95 Full Pan

Macaroni Salad          

Cole Slaw

Potato Salad              

Garden Salad w/ Ranch/Italian


Side Options

$9.95 ½ Pan ……. $21.95 Full Pan

Green beans                

Steamed broccoli

Corn on the cob            

Garlic Bread

Sautéed Spinach            

Roasted Red Potatoes

Baked Beans


Breakfast Tacos (25 count)

Fresh tortillas (flour/corn) loaded with eggs, potato, cheese and bacon or sausage. Served with salsa………$35.00


Dee-lish Desserts Assortments

$25.00 for tray for 1 pick ($5.00 for each additional pick)…..$1.75 individual

Brownies (plain, fudge, nuts)

Dee-lish Desserts Snacks (white/chocolate covered oreos, graham crackers, pretzels)


Beverages (Available upon request)

$5.75 Gallon Tea or Lemonade

$1.00 Water or Soft Drink


*Please place your order by 12:00pm the day prior to your lunch (unless stated otherwise–some items require two days). If after 12:00:pm, contact us directly at 832-416-1437832-416-1437 for details. Set-up/pick up, equipment serving utensils and condiments are included. Servers can be provided for $40.00 per server for the first two hours, and $20.00 each additional hour. Prices are based on a minimum of 10 people for lunch deliveries Monday through Friday. Orders canceled after 8a.m. on the day of scheduled  delivery will be subject to a cancellation fee.


To schedule a luncheon or for event catering please contact us at 832-416-1437832-416-1437 or email